Committed to Community

John and Ethel Anthony Give Thanks for All MSU Offers

John and Ethel Anthony

Gratitude defines John and Ethel Anthony’s commitment to Michigan State and East Lansing. “It’s really fantastic when you think about the value of having a university with the resources like MSU just down the street,” John says.

“We weren’t sure what to expect when we moved to East Lansing 43 years ago,” John shares, “But it turned out to be the best thing that could have happened to us.” They quickly became immersed in the community as they raised two daughters. Ethel created and ran an all-volunteer art appreciation program for the region, and served as a docent at the Kresge Art Museum and Wharton Center; both helped with WKAR fundraisers. Yes, they’ve truly enjoyed all MSU has to offer—from ice skating lessons at Munn to live theatre and arts performances, hockey, baseball, football, and basketball games, and leisurely walks on campus.

“MSU has played an important role in our lives,” John explains. “It is an extremely vibrant, extremely receptive, warm, caring school. It makes us very proud that we’ve been able to do this for MSU.”

John and Ethel opted to use charitable gift annuities (CGA)—a gift that pays you income. “CGAs are uncomplicated, give a reasonable investment return without associated risk, and provide for the long term sustainability of a worthwhile institution decades and decades after you’re gone,” John explains. “It meets just about all the measurements of what a person should be doing with their financial legacy!”

The Anthony’s are recognized as members of MSU’s Landon Society and Snyder Society.

Secure MSU’s Future

If you’d like to join John and Ethel in securing MSU’s future with a CGA, contact MSU Office of Gift Planning at 800-232-4678 | 517-884-1000 or